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QuickSat.NET Charity helps RURAL areas to get Quick Satellite Internet incl. Satellite TV .



1000 Euros for 20 Tons of oranges...

1000 Euros for 20 Tons of oranges. This is all Spanish farmers get for their wonderful sun tanned Spanish oranges... This is almost 0,05 Euros per Kilo, and the expensive and rare water is not paid yet. Take a 18.000 Euro loan from the bank for the water is therefore often the only solution for Spanish farmers to be able to continue plant orange trees. You may ask, how this can happen in nowadays? The reason is as simple as clear: They have no Internet access, often even not a landline to compare better offers for their fresh fruits. So they must accept the prices they get offered.

Help us to help

    Help us to help Spanish farmers to sell their excellent fresh oranges to a price which allows them to stay alive.
Go to bed where fox and rabbit say good night...

Protecting animals - mainly dogs and cats - is their life. They live with their 50 dogs and 20 cats and protect them every day against hunger, sickness and fear. They feed them, they clean them, they take over their health care. And they never moan. The main fact in this story: They do all this without electricity, fluent water and of course without telefone or even internet. They do it, because they believe in a better world, where people and animals help each other, where help is needed.

Help us to help

      Help us to help
Los Duendes private animal boarding house
    with quick satellite internet to be able to participate you at their story.


Your Spend helps us! You spend helps us (QuickSat.NET) to cover rural areas with Quick Satellite Internet!

Help, where help is needed.


High Speed Internet combined with Satellite TV (ASTRA, FRANSAT, HOTBIRD, EUROBIRD) in ONE dish EVERYWHERE


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